Activation on New PC states activation code has already been used

Hi all,

Ai appear to be tying myself in license and activation knots!
I’ve been using Cubase 10.5 on old PC (PC 1) for a while now but need to move it on to my new PC (PC2)

I followed the instructions on;

I installed the Elicenser control centre on PC2 and reactivated the license on the Steinberg website, which gave me a new license code(20 digit, 10 - 10)
I then requested a new activation code which I received by email.

I installed Cubase 10.5, but when I go to activate it on PC2, using the code received in my email, and also available in MySteinberg, I get a message stating the activation code has already been used.

I tried reactivate my license on the website but I can’t update the Soft-eLicenser as the code hasn’t changed.

Any idea what to do next?

Any help would be very much appreciated! this is slowly driving me insane!



Hi and welcome,

Do you talk about Cubase AI or Cubase LE, right?

How did you request a new activation code, please? You should get one during the reactivation process.

Hi Martin,

Sorry, I should have stated it’s Cubase AI 10.5.

It was through the reactivation process that I got the new activation code, it was issued by email as well as being available in MySteinberg.


It’s unusual you would get an Activation Code which has been used already. Are you sure a new Soft-eLicenser Number has been generated, please?

Good morning,

Definitely, I still have the eLicense control centre on my old PC (PC1) and that and PC2 have different Soft-eLicenser numbers.


Is the new Activation Code different from the old one?

I’ve just checked the activiation code I received when I first installed Cubease AI on PC1 back in July 2019.
I’ll not post them here unless you say I should, but they are different.


No, don’t post it here. I’m just wondering if the code is different from the one you got while reactivation.

You could also try to use eLCC Helper to generate a new Soft-eLicenser and then Reactivate again to get another Activation Code.

Ah that’s what I was trying to do before posting on here but I couldn’t work out how to do it.
Sorry to ask but where do I find the eLCC Helper?

Ignore that, I’ve found the software

I was just about to update to say it’s worked! The I ran the software and got a new Activation Code for Cubase AI, When I loaded up Cubase AI it asked for the new code, after I put it it said he had worked correctly! Great!
Then I tried to load the software again, this time thinking it was already activated, but when I loaded it I get a no License found message.

I’ve been through the whole process again and still no luck, I can download the license, but when I boot up Cubase it’ doesnt see the license and when I register the code through the software rather then eLCC it states it’s already in use.

This may be a daft question, but do I need to uninstall the software off my old machine first before it will work? I’ve not done this yet as I don’t want to be without the cubase.


Are you sure it’s Cubase AI 10.5 license? Isn’t it Cubase AI 10 license by any chance?

Ah, in eLCC it states Cubase AI 10

The software I have downloaded is called Cubase LE AI Element 10.5

Oh, this is it.

Download and install Cubase AI 10.0.60, please.

That’s sorted it!

So obvious in the end!

Martin you’re a star, i owe you a beer! thanks for your help