Activation on new system

I’ve asked this before but things werent clear regarding the new system so I waited for a clear answer.

I have an unactivated code for an update, how will it work when i update to a newer version of cubase? I dont have a download code required by the new system, and i have been assured that my purchase wont go wasted too.


  • Open eLCC application.
  • Click Enter Activation Code.
  • Enter the Activation Code.
  • Select the license, you update from.
  • Click Download License.
    => Current Cubase license (at this moment Cubase 11) would become downloaded to your eLicenser.

Once Cubase 12 will be released:

  • Open eLCC application.
  • Trigger Maintenance.
    => Cubase 12 license will be downloaded to your eLicenser.

Thanks for your answer.

I actually wanted to know how activation would happen if i did not update to 11, but straight to 12 when it comes out and its worth updating for me, or maybe even skip that and update to 12.5? The new system is what has caused this confusion for me. Thanks


We already have some experience with the new licensing system from Dorico 4 release. But this use case, we didn’t have a chance to see so far. Because your license sits on the Soft-eLicenser, currently, you have to transfer it to the USB-eLicenser to be able to upgrade it. Bur from Cubase 12, there is no USB-eLicenser needed.

My expectation is, you will not need the license transfer to the USB-eLicenser and you will be able to upgrade it straight.

In any case, if you buy it upgrade now and you wait, it cannot be wrong. You will get the latest Cubase (12 or 12.5) license at the moment, when you will activate it. And in the mean time, there will be already other users, who will solve this use case, so you would know, how does it work.

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My license is actually on the usb e-licenser, i own cubase 10 pro, and this is why i asked this question since the new system does not recognise licenses on the usb e-licenser, how would the unactivated key that i have for an update work?
Thanks for your prompt answers!


I see. Currently you enter the activation code in the eLCC. This creates current license (Cubase Pro 12, in the example) in the new license system and makes the original license (Cubase 10 Pro) unupdatable.

At least this is how does it work for Dorico users.

Again, no worries, it will work and you will be able to update your USB license.

Then, you can use Cubase Pro 10 with the USB-eLicenser (if anything won’t work at your system with Cubase 12) and/or Cubase 12 with the new licensing system (up to 2 or 3 – sorry, I forgot the current state – seats).

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This clears things up for me, thanks so much!

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I saw this video a few days back, it may not answer your question but it’s an interesting tour of the new licensing. Particularly as he tries different scenarios on a live machine :-