Activation on second PC

Hello everyone!
Recently my company colleague bought Wavelab 8. We got the activation code, installed program and it was all fine.
But, it turns out that the PC its installed on is the one that actually won’t use the program and we need it on another PC.
When we tried installing on another PC it said that the code is already used. Is it possible to have it on 2 PCs installed, but only used on 1? I saw there’s some usb dongle stuff, but we don’t have that as we ordered on webshop and only downloaded.
How do we ‘disable’ the program on 1st pc where it won’t be used and activate on 2nd pc where the program will be used?

Thank You in advance for help. Apologies if it’s not fitting into the forum. (we tried customer service but it’s impossible to get anything done through mail (takes few days for response that doesn’t help), and phone numbers where I can call are well hidden or missing (i’m not on the list of those few selected countries that are given phone numbers).

If this is full Wavelab then you need the USB-key. The activation code is a one time code to activate the license. But I suspect you have WL8 Elements, for this makes use of the ‘soft-elicencer’ which resides on the computer’s HD. To move it to another (or after a reinstall) there is a reactivation procedure on the Steinberg website’s Knowledge Base. Look under ‘Support’ and then soft-elicenser.

Sure, you have to go through your “MySteinberg” account, there you can find the reactivation button, you need to insert your old activation code and the number of the new e-Licenser; you’ll be given a new activation code to insert in your new e-Licenser…


You might find it more flexible to purchase a dongle (usb licensing key)
Once the license is transferred to the dongle you can move the dongle
between any computer that has the software installed. You are not tied
to just 1 computer. You can only use one computer at a time with either
license method.

The downside of a dongle is replacing it and get the licenses reinstalled if the dongle is lost or stolen.
But if the license is on the Computer and the computer dies or is stolen you are in the same or worse situation because you have to replace the Computer and then install software and license, where as
if you have a dongle, you can move the dongle to another system that has the software loaded. You are back to work faster.



I have the same problem. However I already read all notes in this topic and, also, did all possible tests.

I can’t reactivate my WL.

Just a briefing: I lost my PC and I had to reinstall win7-64 and of couse, all softwares.

I got a WL LE when I bought a XITEL MD-PORT IO. First installation was OK. The second, no…

What I already did:

  • I enter my account, and downloaded the WL LE 8 using my access code
  • I got the activantion code
  • installed the software and informed in elicencer the activation code
  • elicencer asked my to download the licence
  • I got error downloading the licence. He told me the activation code was already used
  • I went to steinberg website.
  • I pressed the reactivate
  • I got the message “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.”
  • I used the maintenace funtion in elicenser
  • I went to website and entered my access code again
  • I got the message “You have already redeemed this Download Access Code.”
    but everything looks normal.

it is a loop. I can’t reactivate my software.

look I really lost the first install. I need to recativate, but i need some guidance in how to do this

Can anyone help me?