Activation problem after upgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to 12

I’ve just purchased the upgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12. I’ve downloaded and installed Cubase 12 and it seems to be running fine. I followed the suggested links with the Download Access Code which I’ve redeemed

and then set to eLCC


It all seemed to work fine with no errors.
However, when I log into my account on Steinberg I see this:


Even though on my other monitor I see this:

I’m ever so slightly confused - nor am I convinced that he licensing model used by Cubase is World Class, even though I love the software!

You be the judge.

What does the Activation Manager display? Are you logged into the same account in that, as you are in the Steinberg web portal?

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Thank you. That’s fixed it. I had no idea that there were so many separate applets for this - why not bundle the activation manager with the Download Assistant?

Anyway, all now happily activated. Time to make some music!

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Actually that’s a great idea, a download , activation and control center all in one.

Paid for Upgrade from 11 to Cubase 12. Installed it.
Today I received an email stating that I need to “Verify pending license”.
Clicked on the link, eLicensers says No license to Upgrade.
To be honest it is very frustrating.

Please read the solution in the first post in this topic:

Verification Pending, expires on 10-24. Yes, the same email.

This problem is exist and this is such a shame!

Where can I get this “Access Code” from? Should I search for it on Google?

I’m sorry but it was a while ago and I can’t remember!

can you imagine, we pay money and after that we need to search for some “access code” in order to be able to use this software. So sad.

I feel your pain. However, this is a one-time only thing, after which the software itself is fantastic, and you’ll soon forget! At least I did.