Activation problem cubase elements 9.5

I got into trouble about reactivating Cubase Elements 9.5 Retail. I bought your product 31/01/2022. Now I had to reinstall the complete operating system (same win 8.1) but I am stuck in a horrible situation of e-licencer loop, with no success.
What ever I do I can not reactivate. When I open licenser I have empty right side like on picture I sent. I always got message that no software for this license or when I put my download access code or activation code which I got from you when I bought product, it says that “somebody else use that code…” or something similar…I went step by step like in tutorial, downloaded software, but I can not reactivate.
I have already tried opening/updating the eLicense Control Center and running the Maintenance, but nothing happens. It shows, as it does on my Steinberg account, that I have the license for Cubase, but that’s it. I still can’t open it because my license was already used (by me). I’ve restarted my computer twice and re-downloaded the eLicense Control Panel a couple times but nothing has changed. The eLicense Control Panel is the most up-to-date one. I just tried running as Administrator and the same problem came up. Also I have used “eLicenser Installation Helper” still nothing has happened.

A few question arise though:
· Why does it show Cubase elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible) and not 9.5?
· Do I have to install Cubase elements 11? I will still need a new “Download access code”
Why in the Products page, at “Cubase Elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible)” there is not an reactivation tab?
Up to now , and it has been over a month, I haven’t had any substantial support from Steinberg, other than to refer to the Greek dealer, that they cannot deal with elicences issues unless Steinberg deals directly with them , specifically. The product is purchased from Germany, so, I cannot request a refund from the greek Dealer, and this is making it more complicated.
Any help, technical, legal will be gracefully accepted.
Thanks in advance


You should reactivate your 1105501479… Soft-eLicenser.

Btw, do you know you got Cubase Elements 12 for free from Steinberg thanks to the Grace Period?

HI Martin, I can not reactivate 1105501479 elicencer as I reinstalled everything from the beginning incl. elicencer.
I have to stick , due to hardware issues, to win 8.1. cannot go higher, thus elements, 11, 12 do not seem compatible with my system. I am happy with 9.5, as long as I can get it running. there must be a bug that I don’t get a solution.
thanks anyway

Reactivate with whom? I am having problems with my Cubase 11 pro being made dysfunctional. Steinberg gives no options.

@frederickelisha This doesn’t apply to you, since you own Cubase Pro