Activation Problem

I am trying to activate a copy of Cubase Essential 5. I have downloaded the latest version of the database and the latest version of the e licnece software. I correctly input the activation code but it tells me it can’t identify the code. I have tried on a number of machines.
To make matters worse, when I opened a support request form to Steinberg and tried to upload the file that the control centre generate, it told me it could not upload that file!
I cannot register my product as this is done through the e-licencer and I can’t get the product unto the e-licencer. Without registering the product, I cannot get phone help from Steinberg

Did you register at MySteinberg and use the resulting # to download a license?

No I installed the program and the licence control centre. I ran the Control centre program which gave me an activation code window in the ####-####-#### etc format. After entering the code it told me it was not recognised, asked me to check I had entered the code correctly and would not let me proceed to download a licence.