Activation Problem

Hi I originally purchased the boxed version of Cubase 5 some years ago and then later got version 6 and then 6.5. I have the 6.5 upgrade installed on my laptop.

Recently the laptop’s HDD crashed and required replacing. When I replaced the hard drive I found that the audio does not record well, there is a lot of noise, I think it is the power supply.

So today I got my box version of Cubase 5 and went to try to install it on an old PC with XP SP2 Intel Pentium 3.5 GHz.

When I put my USB eLicencer into the computer to register I keep getting the message:

“Internet connection to license server could not be established. Please check your Internet connection.”

The internet connection is fine so I dont know what I can do. I just want to try it out on this old PC to see if I can record quality audio.

Any reply appreciated.


Did you update the eLicenser Control Center on the XP computer?

I had to do that when I tried to run C4 on an XP computer after I had installed C4 on a Win7 computer.

The eLCC was newer on the Win7 computer than the XP computer so I had to update it, after that it ran fine.

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply. I went to the eLicencer web site to look for an update but there were none available for XP only for Win 7 onwards. I did look in the “Download Archives” but I did not see anything there for XP either?

Thanks again


Did you not see this :

Version: is what I used, it says for XP SP3 but it worked fine on SP2, the only thing I had to do was update my .NET framework to 2.0 SP1

This was on a computer that has never been on the internet, so I just d/l the files to a USB stick and had no problems installing it that way.

Hi Paul

My Apologies, after I posted earlier I went back to the eLicencer website and noticed that version for SP3, and although I have only sp2 I downloaded it and bingo it all seems to be working fine now, so THANKS!!

It is strange though as the only version registered on my eLicencer at present is 6.5 which I upgraded to from 5. But when I went to register 5 it says I cant as it is already registered, anyway it is no longer bugging me at start up any more so hopefully it’s all good.

Again many thanks for your assistance.

The audio on this old P4 box is brilliant too.


Hi Mike,
You’ll notice when you go into the LCC and hover your mouse over Cubase 5.5 it will say Full Licence which means you can run any version previous to that.

So you can install SX3 (which I did) to transfer old VST5/32 files to a newer Cubase version.

If you go to your MySteinberg account you should see what software you have registered.

Glad to hear it works now :sunglasses:

Hi Paul

Again many thanks I’ll check those things out, but it is so good to have it running so clean compared to how it ever did on my i7 laptop!!

Much appreciated