Activation question

Hi Folks,

Could someone tell me if the following scenario is possible?

I’ve got Cubase installed on two computers (one at home, one at the studio).

Is it possible for me to have one computer activated with the soft eLicenser and the other with the USB hardware eLicenser?

In other words, can i use Cubase on both computers without having to take the USB dongle with my back and forth to the studio each time?


(P.S. obviously i could just try it to see, but i don’t want to mess up anything and leave myself high & dry! :wink:

No it’s not possible.

No, because it would give you two working copies that could be used independently. That is two for the price of one. So being able to have a USB licenser does allow the convenience of using your Cubase on any number of computers!

Ok, thanks!

So presumably i also can’t install Cubase and use the soft eLicenser on both 'puters, assuming i don’t try to use both versions concurrently?!

Correct. The LICENSE itself (different than the eLicenser software, which merely reads the license) can not exist in two places at once without buying two licenses.