Activation registered to another user.

Just taken delivery of a UR44c, put the software licence into my dongle and went to register it using the activation code for the basic effects suite only to be told…The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user. bit confused now :open_mouth: :confused:

am I doing something wrong?

it’s probably me, when it comes to this stuff I :frowning: :blush: usually bugger it up somehow.


Sorry, I don’t really understand your steps…

You had Cubase AI activated on the Soft-eLicenser, right? Then you moved it to the USB-eLicneser, right? Then you wanted to register the USB-eLicenser? If yes, you don’t enter any Activation Code, you just register it by clicking to the Register eLicenser in your MySteinberg account.

If you want to Activate your Baskic Effects Suite, you don’t register it, but you click to the Enter Activation Code in the eLCC application.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply but i’ve decided to return the UR44c…just did not meet with my expectations and the headphone output is very low, not adequate for a deaf lugs like me :astonished:


I’m sorry to hear that.

This to me sounds like you have bought the UR44C and upon installation of the software have been informed it has already been activated. I would suggest the shop you bought it from has sold it before and the customer has installed and registered the software but returned the goods for a refund but then it is sold again (to you) and you have found the previous purchaser has activated the software.
Great that you were able to send it back and get a refund.

Good point and probably :slight_smile: correct…