Activation Snag: Can only input numbers into Ilok License Manager

Ilok License Manger (updated) > Licenses menu > Redeem Activation Code > [BOX] [BOX] [Box] [box] [box]

All looks good to me to this point but can put only numbers in. I did some Googling but what I found wasn’t helpful and thought quickest/easiest would be here.

Copy/paste yields similar result in that only the numbers get entered (in sequence as if the letters don’t exist)

Code is for Cubase 10 Pro.


edited to include copy/paste results

Cubase does not use iLok.

ILok won’t work for the Cubase license.
Search on Google. The iLok and Steinberg USB eLicense dongle are not interchangeable in this regard.

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Ok so to activate I need a Steinberg USB eLicense dongle or are there alternatives?

What are my options for what to get and where (when) to get it?

There are no options for what to get, as stated on the product page. And where and when to get might depend on where and when you are…

Here, now, Portland OR

You need a Steinberg USB eLicenser, or a Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Key (which is the same thing, as VSL use Steinberg’s eLicenser system). Normally the Steinberg product is cheaper, but there are supply issues at the moment because of high demand during the Cubase 50% off sale.

Ok, I guess I wait until they’re in stock. Though I did look for a dealer and luckily there’s one in Greenland.