Activation software says i don't have the required product (cubase elements 12) when upgrading

I forgot that I can actually run cubase elements on a PC that is activated for the pro version so I upgraded my elements version to 13 and that caused a problem, because I don’t actually have an “elements 12” license…

I already opened a ticket for this but as this can take a few days, I’d like to ask what I can do at this point. As I was under the assumption that I had an “elements 12” licence as well but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In my case: I run Elements on my entertainment PC). So I wanted to update it to 13 and bought a key. But the Cubase download assistant says I don’t have a license for the product I’m upgrading to, because in essence I only have Elements 11 but a pro license for cubase 12, and I forgot about this… (didn’(t think this through)

So I hope that the support can refund me or correct the situation. Again, I totally forgot about this grant to run elements on a pro license.


You can update the license, not the application. So if you own the Cubase Pro 12 license, update Cubase Pro 12 to Cubase Pro 13, please. With Cubase Pro 13 license, you can start Cubase Elements 13 too, the same as Cubase Elements 12.

Wait for the reply, please. The will refund your purchase and you can by the correct update then.

ok thanks, it was an oversight of mine, hope they understand… because i DID have independent elements licence back in the eLicenser era, so I forgot about the changes made for Steinberg license without dongle

…btw what a time frame can I look at for a response ? I don’t want to be impatient as I know (especially with a new release) support will be swamped in tickets. But a general idea… can it take a week or more ?

I’ve got a visual impairment and I didn’t realise there were several options within the checkout page to chose upgrades from several version. and I saw now, you could select to update from cubase elements 11… wish I saw that before … and it’s my bad.

Hi RealCosmicD, I just got a refund for the same issue with the Cubase Elements upgrade as you had and it only took a couple of working days. I was very impressed just how fast Steinberg and FastSpring are working, especially when you consider they’ve just had their major launch of Cubase 13 with their new online shop being run by a new partner. I made my request on Nov 3rd 12:51 GMT+1 and got the refund in my PayPal account today Nov 7th 05:11am. Many thanks to the Steinberg and FastSpring support teams!

Hello, thx for that perspective. My ticket dates from the 2nd, but when i wrote it I didn’t quite know what was going on so I updated it the day after with my realization, so well, Gonna wait it out this week.

Don’t want to act impatient or complain too much, but I still didn’t hear back from support.

@RealCosmicD Did you contact FastSpring support? If you didn’t, fill out this form here: Consumer Support Form - FastSpring — They should reply very quickly and get in touch with Steinberg on your behalf. You will most likely get an email from them like this:-

Thank you for contacting FastSpring Support. Your inquiry is important to us and we appreciate the opportunity to assist.

We understand that you would like to receive a refund of your order recently processed by FastSpring. Please note, however, that the product provider must approve your request. To assist you, we are forwarding your refund request to their support team for handling.

You should receive a direct response from them within 2 business days. If you do not receive a reply within this time frame, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Irene A
FastSpring Support.

No, I contacted Steinberg support… maybe that’s my mistake. But since they’re the seller I thought they could escalate it to the right people. But yeah, I’ll contact fast spring.


Steinberg is not the seller in this case. That’s the point.

Thank you

OK, thx (but for good order I just wish that steinberg support would have told me that with a quick message a few days ago). But filled in the form @ fastspring now and let’s see how it goes.

Alright, so I wrote to fastspring, and they sent me back to Steinberg support, as they say they can’t help me with my issue, it’s the vendor’s responsibility.

I love being passed around like that. Luckily that I already have a ticket open that I don’t get a response on as of yet (almost 2 weeks after).

Update: Steinberg just contacted me to help me with the problem. Thanks. (so it’s them after all who need to fix it)

Happy to hear you’re getting sorted :grinning: