Activation Speculation

Is it possible to check if an activation code has been used without actually attempting to use it oneself? I am thinking about buying a second hand copy of Halion 3 upgrade, but the owner doesn’t know if it has been installed before or not, as it came with his computer when he bought it and he doesn’t have a dongle, just the activation code slip and the DVD. Would it be possible for him to send the code to Steinberg for them to check it’s viability, or will I just have to take pot luck?

Well, ebay time is nearly here and no one has got back to me, so I guess it will have to be a punt. Wish me luck and don’t bid against me!

Hello again. Feel like I’m talking to myself a bit here, but if someone could help me I’d be grateful. Well, I went ahead and bought the package with Halion 2 and Halion 3 Upgrade. Halion 2 works fine, as it authorises off the cd. However, I am stuck with Halion 3. Could anyone tell me what is supposed to come in the upgrade package? I have the DVD and an “Authorisation Number” printed on a sticker inside the DVD case and that is it. I know with some upgrades you don’t get a dongle, but you do get an activation code to enable you to download a licence onto an existing key. Well the “Authorisation Number” isn’t the right configuration of numerals and dashes to fit the wizard that appears in the LCC, so I am thinking that maybe I am missing a bit of paper with the right sort of code on it or perhaps there should have been a dongle with a licence on it in the package? Does anyone know what I have to do to get this working, or at least establish that I never will!? Thanks

For this I would contact steinberg support! They will assist you in what’s needed.