Activation went to USB dongle - I thought Cubase 12 was dongle free?

So I just purchased Cubase 12, entered my download/access code, got the download, it’s now on the computer. I’ve also updated elicenser but it’s showing the Cubase 11 (which was on the dongle) is now upgraded to Cubase 12.

But the selling point for me was dongle-less activation/running for it - and I can’t seem to even get 12 going with the dongle in and can’t transfer it to the soft e-Licencer.

Am i missing something here ? I can’t even put in a self support ticket because it tells me to go my local Australian distributor, and their webpage says go and register at Steinberg - so it’s an endless loop.

Anyone help ?

Is Cubase the only thing that was on your eLicenser . . . do you perhaps have some sound libraries that use it as well ? After my upgrade, the eLicenser said Cubase 11 (non-upgradable) . . . so you can still run version 11
I have found often, Cubase 12 hangs on startup, because it can’t complete my libraries scan on the dongle. Re-seating the dongle usually fixes it.

There’s been about a hundred posts on this issue that have come up since the release.

Your dongle is now telling you exactly what happened. It was used to upgrade to Cubase 12, so now you cant use it to upgrade again. It has absolutely nothing to do with Cubase 12 running, and Cubase 12 CANT be transferred to a soft elicenser because the whole point of Cubase 12 was to get rid of the elicenser and use the Steinberg Activation Manager.

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Please see the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg