Activation won't work for Cubase LE 5


I got a copy of Cubase LE 5 bundled with a Lexicon Alpha DAW. I’ve followed all the procedures, eLicenser works and all that. Once I’m in the Steinberg page and I plug in my Soft e-License number I click continue. It then says the following:

“Your eLicenser with the number 3029645948 11723B7D0C was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”


In other words, we registered your product, but we’re not giving you the key. The website suggests these instructions to “solve” the issue (ie, reinstall everything)

I’ve reinstalled multiple times and the same page continues to appear - ie, they will not give me the key. I’ve emailed customer service and after a MONTH LONG WAIT they forwarded me the exact same instructions that are on the website which I had already said I had followed. I’ve installed all the latest version of the e-Licenser and uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times - it won’t work.

Can some one please help? I’ve been waiting 2 months to use this and it’s driving me insane.


Did you install eLCC as an Administrator? Did you install Cubase after the eLCC? Can you se a Soft-eLicenser Number in your eLCC?