Hey guys, I’ve been away from using Cubase for quite sometime. Just bought Cubase 8 on Amazon that the seller claims is unused. I want to know if I can activate the license using the code BEFORE installing it on my machine. I really don’t want to go through that whole process to find out it’s already been registered.

Also, my studio PC is an offline machine, so I need to register using another computer anyhow.


You can if you have the license code and USB-eLicenser connected.

You posted this in the Cubase 8 forum, but if I’m not mistaken when you activate an unused Cubase 8 license now it will count as the latest version.

Yes…install the latest elicenser software from here:

Make sure the dongle is plugged in and enter the activation code.

As djw says. You will actually receive the Cubase 9 license by Grace period and once activated the download for this should appear in your MySteinberg account…you may need to create the account and register your dongle to it. Can’t remember exactly how this works.

Thanks guys. It was great to see that the seller was honest, and also that it upgraded to 9!