Activations deleted

Posted this 22 days ago on the Cubase forum and raised a support ticket with Steinberg. No reply from support…anyone else had this problem?

Activation Manager would not allow me to log in. I was trying to activate a demo of Nuendo on my Macbook, already had it on my Studio mac. Activation Manager kept hanging.
Tried to update with downloaded latest version in case it was out of date. Couldn’t install, app just hung, Couldn’t even force quit. Had to re-start but same problem trying to install. Deleted App and re-installation worked, but my activations for C12 and Dorico 4 were gone. There’d been a message about about deactivating offline licences. Offline licences? What are these? So I de-activated. Re-activated and now my account at Steinberg shows 3 activations instead of 2 (studio and macbook). Surely when logging in the activations should be recognised? And surely the app itself is not holding all the information?

The message about deactivating offline licences is a bug that we’re aware of - it will hopefully be fixed in the next SAM update. I’m sorry about that.

As to the problem with activations, you are correct that the app itself is not holding all the information. However, there have been some bugs in earlier releases of SAM that might have resulted in “stale” activations not being cleared correctly. As a first step I would try deactivating and then reactivating all your licences on both of your computers (studio as well macbook) - an easy way to deactivate everything is to sign out and then sign back in. Also double-check you are using SAM 1.3.1 on both computers. Let us know if that helps.

Thanks for the speedy response.

However, I am extremely wary about de-activating all my licences whilst there is the possibility that I may lose them all. Such is my confidence in the SAM app.

For now I need no third activation so will continue to watch this space and once Steinberg announce that the problem has been solved (or most likely I will read about it on the forum as I was not aware that Steinberg were aware of a bug - no response to my support ticket for over 3 weeks doesn’t inspire confidence), I will then expect to have my “missing” licences restored. Sorry but I don’t want to test this for Steinberg and risk total disruption.