Actual dash ('-') in Lyrics

Because a dash (’-’, ASCII 45) is used to indicate that a multi-syllable word extends over more than one note, is there a way to include a dash when it appears in the text to indicate connection, as in, say:

Gone - but not forgotten” etc?

IOW is it possible - since entering Space before even the alt+numeric value for an m dash (alt+151) of course moves the cursor on to the next word/syllable/note - to use alternative keys?

Can you use a hard-space before the em-dash?
Some conventions do not put a space between words and the em-dash.

Derek - thanks; I tried all the modifiers I could think of (Cmnd, Option etc) without success.

And, Yes - I’d be happy to to get the em in even without the space. Just for legibility.

Try this:

Select note
Shift-L for popover


Substitute alt for option if that’s what your keyboard has printed on it. My Macbook Pro uses alt.

Thanks, SHIFT + alt/option + SPACE certainly gets a had space.

And SHIFT + alt/option + - gets the m dash; it’s better long to indicate that it’s not a hyphen?

Appreciated :smiley: !

Wow…thanx - finally I know how to solve hyphen problems ! Cool.