Acustic Guitar 01 - Registration

When I open Cubase 11 Pro. I get a message saying the Acustic Guitar 01 has to be registered or the evaluation period has expired. I check the download assistant and it tells me that the app is already registered. Could it be an installation problem or USB dongle issue? Is Acustic Guitar 01 free with Cubase 11 Pro? What can I do to sort this out?


Acoustic Guitar 01 library is not part of Cubase license. Did you buy the license?


No did not buy the license.


OK, then uninstall the library, please. This product is not part of Cubase license.

Only the products, which are under Cubase 11 folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant are part of Cubase 11 license. You need to buy another license for the other products.

Now I understand it, thanks for the info