Acustica Audio plugins keep freezing cubase when exiting

I don’t know if Matthias is notified, I’ll look for him, if not I’ll create a thread … but I think you can replicate it. toggle on in the preferences, doesn’t solve the problem. I think I remember that the editor was always in front even though I tapped on other windows, in my case edition of the channel.

Acustica Audio plugins keep freezing cubase when exiting …

This is an Acustica issue, there’s a long thread over at GearSlutz about it

I Know, but any solution?? Can you put the link here? Thanks!

There is no solution other than Acustica fixing their plugins and conforming to the standard Steinberg set (which I believe they didn’t). Currently they are blaming Steinberg, but, blaming Steinberg without posting their findings is fairly sus.


Sorry - thought it was better that this was a new thread - trying to keep the old one specific to the C11 update.

Incidentally, I’m 100% sure the issue is with Acustica - I’ve seen lots of chatter about this - but as LoveGames says - there are probably playing ‘bug pass the parcel’


The only workaround that seems to work my end is in saving projects and exiting with all plugins disabled on the mixer console. Not 100% but seems to limit the freezing.
TBH Just get used to the crash, task manager force close and reopen with the safe-mode prompt.
Be nice to be able to by pass that and make it a manual launch option again.