Adams A7x running in times ?

Hi you helpful bunch

Im wondering if any of you are using the adams a7x and how long you ran them in for as there is absolutely no information anywhere about the time period

thanks in advanced

just in case anyone else needs the info :

Question: How long does it take to burn-in my ADAM speakers?

Answer: Loudspeakers include movable parts. Therefore, they need a certain ‘burn-in time’ for a full excursion and adaption of these parts. After this burn-in time, the speakers reach their full acoustic potential.

To break-in your speakers, it is advisable to feed them with music signals of a broad frequency spectrum and different volumes for a certain period of time:
Up to one week for a ‘normal’ burn-in.
Up to four weeks for a reliable long-term consistency.
However, no responsibility can be taken for the correctness of this information since it always depends on both frequency and sound pressure level of the speakers usage. Furthermore, the real time a speaker needs to burn in is, to some extend, always due to the specific speaker itself