Adapt to Zoom

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Getting on well,with Cubase, wading through the manual and videos etc,lol :smiley:
Just started to use the Adapt to Zoom function,nice feature.

I got a question for you nice people out there
Is there a setting or workaround, that would allow me to display the various snap setting values,as I zoom in and out?

Only as I zoom in and out,I can’t see what snap value I am at.
There don’t seem to be an indicator as to what snap value I’m using,unless I haven’t seen it,or set something in preferences :laughing:

I haven’t heard from anyone,so I’m guessing there isn’t a work round.But I will keep coming back to this post.Adapt to zoom is a cool feature,to use,but I feel there should be some indicator as to what snap value,you are currently at.