Adaption to Render in place.

Hiya, I previously asked for a bounce midi to audio in Cubase 8.5 but then by accident see Render in place, tried it and realized this was track bouncing.

But I want to ask this be adapted and taken out the edit area and put in audio and midi, which then will make it more adaptable as midi sometimes needs to be treated different from audio when bouncing.

I’d prefer to see Bounce Midi to New Audio in the Midi menu area and Bounce Audio to New in the audio menu area.

Then when accessed a window comes up with Track or Range selectable, FX Track, FX Mix or FX None/or both unticked and Trails or maybe called pre trails, then a settings button for more less needed options.
By Trails I mean when bouncing whether to pre bounce a bar to include reverb and other fx trails into the bars being bounced.

Sometimes the trails will be needed but if just making samples they won’t be required and most will double the bars to allow an entrance and loopable are of a sample.

When using another daw I found the track bounce featue to be the most used for convenience and work flow, many more options were avaiable by bouncing a bit to audio, which saved the needs for piles of automation on piles of tracks to achieve simple cuts, stutters, tapestops with out the ned to group items for one bit and so on.

Thxs Guys/Girls.