Adaptive Phase Rotation

Can spectral layers do this? Ie like RX10 etc for asymmetric rebalancing etc

Theoretically but manually

sorry what do you mean

  1. You can apply eg -71 deg phase roation ie arbitrary?
  2. But SL will not scan the file and find the most appropriate value?
  3. Or does it have a specific tool to resolve asymmetry?


I just looked through the manual to double check and I could see none of these…only the usual invert?


As far as scanning goes, that is why I mentioned manually instead of automatically.

Just so I understand completely what you are trying to achieve, can you explain exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve? What is it that you’re trying to do?

being discussed here

It’s not a solution to your question, but I generally use the Thimeo Stereo Tool VST3 for this task with SL. It complements quite well and as designed for broadcast will preview nicely too.

Thanks for the suggestion…The other link has a suggestion as ARA2/Acustica is really good. I normally have a workflow where any ‘fix’ becomes a freeze to the waveform and I never think about it after that…hence it should be a super quick edit and then move on
The acustica plugin for the audio editor is the absolute go to…is much cheaper than spectral layers and while it cant do everything SL pro does, it ticks all the boxes for me and can split stems on comparable level to SL.

There’s a chance that this feature will be add?

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