ADAT slave UR824 not showing input to Cubase

I have 2 UR824 s. Worked perfectly with second used as slave ADAT A for years. I haven’t used the second unit since 3-04-2016 due renovations… I did have a previous support ticket wondering why the ADAT A light was flashing on the slave unit. That was fixed, but haven’t used the slave unit until now.

Now, I have signal to the slave UR824, but no audio input into Cubase. No change in cables or connection. In fact they haven’t been touched.

I also have a cheap Behri ADA8000 that seemed to take over the ADAT A channels, yet cannot get the slave 824 to even show input into Cubase. The SIG/PEAK lights on the interface are working. Cubase Connections show as Active , but no signal.

Initially the ADA8000 was setup as ADAT B input. Now it s signal shows up as ADAT A inputs from VST Connections. Even with that unit completely disconnected, there is no response from the slave 824.

What would be my best bet to start over and troubleshoot? Reinstall drivers as if they were new units?

I have BNC as well as Optical cables connected. Please give me link to proper procedure for setup.

Also, I have not ever updated Windows 7 and do not plan to. So no update there should have had any blame.

Thankfully I had the Behri as backup as I would have screwed a client/band. Likely all my fault. Just looking for what I need to do to fix the issue.

Please help! :slight_smile:

Sent you a PM.

Thank you Jeff!

Appreciate the really quick response. I have a full band in to record next week and need to get things in order ASAP.