ADAT Sync Problem

Hello Folks,

I just installed an RME HDSP 9652. I am trying to use my MR816 ADAT in and out. I have the MR816 set to clock from ADAT. The MR is connected to ADAT3. In the 9652 settings under Sync Check I get a solid sync. Everything is set to 44.1kHz When I plug a mic into one of the MR’s inputs I don’t show anything on the meters in TotalMix. I also have a Behringer AD8000 hooked up the same way into ADAT2 on the 9652 and when I plug a mic into one of it’s inputs I get meters in TotalMix.
This has really get me stumped.
I’m pretty sure the optical in and out on the MR816 are working. I can use it with the AD8000 with no problems with the MR816 as a Firewire device.

Figured it out. You have to use the MR editor to turn up the channels you want to send out. Who knew?