Add a Preference to set new recordings to Musical Mode by default

This sure seems like something that should already be there, but I can’t find it.

Currently if I record a Track in Cubase the audio file produced is not set to Musical Mode. Most of the time I want the audio files to be in Musical Mode. It would be nice if that just occurred by default.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time comping a bunch of vocals. At some point, unknown to me, I accidentally changed the tempo by a small amount (how does that happen). Eventually I discovered that all my audio was out of sync with the midi and also the audio for the comped vocals didn’t fit with audio backing tracks. Took ages to sort out. But it would have been real easy to back out of had the files been set to Musical Mode prior to my comp session.

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+1 for the idea of a preference.

But, I never have this issue so I am wondering if a few of your templates have tracks mistakenly set to linear? I never tried it but, maybe when tracks are set to linear new tracks also get this setting?

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No, not talking about Linear (or Musical) Timebase, entirely an issue with Musical Mode in the Pool. Generally this doesn’t cause problems because before I start messing with the Tempo I make sure to change the Mode in the Pool. If I was smart I’d set the mode after each take - but well… :confused:

Still 99.9% of the time I want the audio files set to Musical Mode, so instead always having to go to the Pool and turn it on it would be easier to turn it off for the 0.1% of files I don’t want it on.

Just to clarify these easily confused settings:

Timebase determines if items on the Track are anchored to bars/beats or minutes/seconds.

Mode determines if an audio file will stretch or shrink as the tempo changes.


Good explanation and clarification. Thanks.

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I wish you could have Musical Mode by default like Studio One have !

With Cubase you have to set every single track to Musical Mode AFTER you have recorded which is a real drag IMO !

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I concur with the thoughts here. A simple preference for this would be a real time-saver.

Do you know that after recording audio, the events are selected, you can control-click Musical Mode in the info-line and all are set to that?

While this works fine, I prefer to change it in the Pool because then I can also verify that the tempo of the recording is correct and fix it if needed. Sometimes, especially with Loop Recording, the tempo will be a bit off.

+1 here too
Must have feature for sure

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And do it every time after recording audio… non-professional consideration for me :face_with_monocle:
This feature will give us, in fact, a simple Varispeed (Logic Pro) implementation

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