Add a "Replace selected" option when replacing a file by another

Hi all,

I’m really missing this option on a regular basis :

I love the ability to replace an audio file by another by dragging from the pool and dropping it to the project window on top of the event(s) I want to replace while holding “Shift” BUT,

We only get two options when doing so :

  • Replace only the event on top of which you drop the audio file
  • Replace all events refering to the audio file in the project

I always want to do exactly in-between that, I would like to have a third option that would replace all selected clips by the new audio file.

ex :

  • I have my audio track edited and cleaned up, chopped up in many events with fades and all, and the artist/producer sends me a new version for whatever reason
  • I duplicate my trackversion and want to replace all audio on my new trackversion with the new audio file
  • If I choose “replace all” I loose my original audio on every trackversion that had the original audio.
  • If I choose “Replace only this”, It will replace only the first event on which I am dropping the new file…I have to do it manually for every event which is too time consuming.
  • With the option to “replace selected”, i could select all events on my trackversion and replace them in one go without loosing my original audio/edit on other trackversions.

Sorry, long explanation for something quite simple but I couldn’t manage to make it shorter…

I’d like to hear if someone has a way of doing this neat and fast !





Steinberg could take Pro Tools as an example for thoughts about even more options:

Niek/ Amsterdam