Add a single-line staff

I have seen that it is very easy to add an additional staff, but is it possible to change the type of staff? For example in a harp piece it is suggested to notate percussive sounds on an additional single-line staff.


For whose who are interested I post the link for the article

Well, you can add a percussion player and choose that it has a 1-line representation, but you won’t be able to put that line inside the harp system, it will go either above or below… Not sure there’s a good solution for this yet.

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Thank you for your reply!
I hope the Dorico team will think about it, there are several pieces now of modern music where players, not only harpists, are asked to knock on their instruments and I think adding a single line staff is the most elegant way to notate these events.
For my very rare cases I use the X notehead and a text label, but visually the Xs are more for muffled notes or ghost notes.

I’ve hacked my instruments.xml file in order to have a 1-line non-percussion staff. In Setup, add a concert pitch single staff instrument, duplicate it, then add the 1-line non-percussion staff and move it so it’s between the staves. (That’s if you need the bottom image at the link you posted, otherwise a normal 1-line percussion staff is fine.) Bracket the 3 staves. Create a layout for the 3 staves together and you should be able to do it.



Thank you, I just discovered that there is an instruments.xml file that can be hacked, I thought it was beyond my understanding but there are more hacking examples here in te forum by yourself.

Just be aware that you’ll lose at least some of the harp pedalling functionality if you do this, because even if the instruments either side of the percussion staff are Harps, they’re no longer the same harp.

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Thank you! Pedals are more important than the occasional knockings, for now.