Ossias in percussion voice

Is there anything forecast for adding ossias in percussion notation?

This is a really basic requirement; please stop treating percussion notation like an afterthought.


We certainly do not treat percussion notation as an afterthought. The approach that Dorico takes to percussion notation confers great advantages in terms of the extent to which you can change, rework, redistribute, renotate music for unpitched instruments, to a degree not possible in any other software. But it does mean that it is hard to support ossias for percussion kits, because a percussion kit does not consist of a single staff, but rather a dynamically-assembled complex of many instruments that can be represented in many different ways.

We certainly do want to support ossias for percussion kits in future, but it’s no small matter to achieve it. I’m sorry that you are finding this aspect of the application limiting in the meantime.

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Is it possible to create a one-line staff that is not classed as a percussion kit?

I want to make a one-line staff that is essentially a cue line describing playback material for the performers – and I’d love to add an ossia to this one-line staff.

In general, the answer is no, but if you search around the forum you’ll find some examples where users suggest modifying an existing instrument definition or defining a whole new instrument using a single staff line. E.g. look here:

Excellent suggestion, thanks.
@FredGUnn Could you tell me how to access the code window so that I can create an instrument with a 1-line non-percussion staff?

I too would love this feature to be added!

Download @benwiggy file here: