Add a tags system for plugins

I think it would be a good time to add a tagging system for Cubase plugins. Cubase will create a database of tags that you can modify per plugin. Then when searching for plugins those tags will also be searched.
This can help with multiple problems including simply remembering a dope plugin, it can help when plugins use confusing or detracting names, or when plugins may be in a different language to your own.

Not sure what you’re trying to achieve that can’t be had via making your own “Collections” in the VST Plugin Manager by making folders instead of tags?

That approach gets you the best of both worlds a hierarchical view as well as being able to have a plugin associated with multiple key words/phrases.

For example, your favorite reverbs could be in the folder MY BESTEST EVER MOST DOPE REVERBS and also in the Folder Reverb – for example:

The advantage would be that it can utilize the current search engine to be hugely more effective that what you are suggesting.
BTW, I have tried using the current plugin manager but the main problem I had is that every time I updated a plugin (which is usually every day),I also have to make an update to my plugin profile… I stopped using it as it became too much work to try and maintain it and that it was far simpler to stick with the VST2 scheming (using folders). That way it is easy to rebuild and plugins are already semi-organized.


I think tagging is a great idea :slight_smile: maybe a bit more 21st century than sorting by folder - plus it would be good to get the long asked for ability to rename plugins.

:+1: While I wouldn’t mind tags either, the renaming of plugins would feel even more advantageous to me.

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Improved tagging and search functionality would be greatly useful in increasing speed and efficiency of workflow in Cubase.

This idea could also expand to MediaBay with some advanced search functionality such as:

  • searching two terms simultaneously (for example searching for “kick|crunch” to find all items that include both terms in their name),
  • word exclusion (example being “snare -clap” to exclude all items with ‘clap’ in their name, but not ‘snare’),
  • a way to search in several folders simultaneously,
  • or tagging system for samples too, for greater ease managing through large libraries of samples