Add additional part for new instrument not in score

I have a score and need one trumpet part to be played by a violin, but don’t need the violin in the score.
I tried in Setup/ the right layout side - to make a new empty part but can’t get a violin in. In my list of ‘players’ there is no violin. How to handle this (with the right transposition)?

Have you tried adding a trumpet to the violin player (on the left-hand side)?

The violin player would play a trumpet and the violin wouldn’t show in the score (as it has no music).

Wait… I think I’ve misread and just realised.

You could copy the trumpet music to the violin player and then just not include the violin player in the Full Score layout?

If you have Dorico Pro, you can create a new part layout, assign your existing trumpet player to it, then use clef/transposition overrides to make the part look and transpose as required. This keeps the music the same, because there’s only one player: if you change the notes on the staff, both parts update.

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Yep, I’d do it the way Lillie described above, and it’s really easy to do. I’ve had to do this a few times for optional or additional doubled parts. For example, here’s a possible brass score setup …

… that allows for this violin part.

(If you copy and paste from a text editor, the line break in the Layout Name will copy too.)

Wow, you’re all fast as lightning, I have homework to do tonight, thanks for all kind support.

Dorico 4 has a new Duplicate Layout feature. Right click on the Trumpet Layout > Duplicate. Then use the Clef and Transposition override.