Add Audio Track dialog box options

Hi everyone
I’m a fairly new user to Cubase so forgive what may seem simple to most of you…

When adding a new audio track I am faced with choosing options for:

  • Audio Inputs
  • Configuration
  • Audio Outputs

For example when recording my bass guitar, what would a typical choice be for Configuration & Audio Outputs. The Configuration, in particular, has me confused!

Many thanks in advance

Audio input is the physical input you have your bass connected to, configuration is whether the track is mono or stereo (or 5.1 etc if you are composing in surround) - in the case of bass guitar, mono makes the most sense. Audio output is usually the Stereo output, unless you want to route the track to either a group or a dedicated output, for example to send the bass signal to external hardware processing or an analogue mixer.
Hope that helps.