Add audio track / stereo inputs

Hello, just upgraded from 9.5 to 10.0.10 and this is my first post. Immediately I found the anomaly below.

In the Studio ->Audio connections window I have a simple preset for inputs, 1 x mono and 1 x stereo. Nothing else.

-Add audio track.
-Select configuration to Stereo.
-Click the -symbol- to the right of the dropdown menu for selecting the audio input (“open audio connections”)
-Audio connections - inputs window opens -> click the stereo track from the preset (click under bus name). The stereo input channel in the mixconsole is highlighted also to reflect the selection
-click add track
-result: a new track is added in the mix console. However the input is not the stereo input I selected, but instead the mono input.

With a mono track this works logically.

If I use the Audio Inputs dropdown menu (the little arrow head) and not the symbol to the right (and select a hardware stereo input from the list) the newly added audio track has the correct stereo input. Only when I select a stereo input from a -preset- this anomaly happens. However I would like to select from my preset inputs, not from all the hardware audio inputs.

is this by design or something else? Thanks!


You do it very complicated way. The idea is much simpler.

If you already have the Stereo In bus in the Audio Connections:

  1. Add Audio Track.
  2. Click to the Audio Inputs drop-down menu, and select your Stereo In from the Connected Bus folder. Don’t click any cog-wheel button.
  3. Click Add Track button.

Thank you Martin! I was stupid enough not to see the choices below ”Connected to Bus”. Now it works as it should be. Happy holidays :slight_smile: