Add automation track key command

Everytime you want to add an automation track you have to make at least 4 clicks with the mouse.
4-5 for standard things like volume etc. 7 for third party plugins (!!!).

  1. Hitting the tiny “+” button underneath the track (which already is a challenge)
  2. Clicking on the menu
  3. selecting “more”
  4. Clicking on “ins.”
  5. Selecting the plugin
  6. Selecting the plugin parameter
  7. hitting “OK”

(click on the image to open the .GIF animation)

Whereas it could be so easy to just hit a key command to add the automation track and already open the little window where we can select the parameter, preferebly with all the folders already opened and a search option. As I know Reaper can do that already flawlessly.


Please do this. And the box where you select the parameter is too small. Have to scroll.

Steinberg really need to add key commands for our favourite automation lanes, inserts, Track Presets etc. and when we open a menu to select an item, I would not mind if the menu took up the whole screen. All the Cubase menus are way too small and need scrolling around. Or at least when we resize the window and expand all the folders, they should stay expanded so next time we add an automation lane, we can see what we need to see without clickity clickity click click clickity. Which brings me to a point. I noticed this on the OT website. This guy in the screen shot has a menu up in what I am pretty sure is Cubase or probably Nuendo (gathering by all the video stuff going on in the background), and his list has easily 80 things on it, and the max I get is 27.5. :frowning: It must be a Nuendo thing which is pretty tight on Steinberg’s behalf.
Not Fair.PNG.jpg