Add bounce to selected track option.

An option to bounce to a specific existing track in the render dialog would be great!

Instead of the process always creating a new track.

Bump…if I do say so myself :wink:

Have you tried Bounce Selection or Render In Place?

Yes. As far as I know that’s not helpful if you’re needing to bounce a midi part with channel effects to audio.

In Logic you can set it to render to a new track or a selected track ( other than the track your rendering from). Very helpful.

I bounce quite a bit in my workflow. For creative purposes. Being able to bounce to an existing selected track instead of Cubase creating a new track each time is an indispensable option.

Not having this keeps me using Logic.

Does no one see the benefit of being able to bounce to a specific track? I use it ALL the time in Logic Pro. It’s a pain to have to create a new track for every new bounce ( which you have to delete each time ) completely inefficient.

Years I’m having the same thoughts, Dragging every bounced audio to the right track and erasing the created track, this multiplied by the number of bounces is a so wasting time…

Workflow killer if you bounce alot!

Most other DAWs have this now.

Cubase needs to spend some time really learning workflow efficiency from the competition.

Giving this another bump because it’s essential. After being able to do this in both Logic and Studio One 4.5 I really can’t do without it. It’s a headache when you do a lot of bouncing especially from instrument tracks to have to bounce to a whole new track and then grab your audio file and move it back to the desired track. It’s nonsensical especially when Cubase can drag a midi track down to the sampler track and it automatically bounces it to audio to the designated track.