Add choice to show Layout Name as a Staff Label

I created a new Lay-out called “Oboe à def. Alto Flute”. I set the alto flute as player to be included in to the lay-out, and tweaked the transposition overrides. So far so good.

I have this thing for handing out parts where there is no explicit text frame showing the player/part name. I always use a full staff label at the beginning of the flow. This is my style in “design” and I find it very important because doing so, there is a sense of minimalism in the way headers are organized and still there is room to put the arranger or the lyricist on the left side.

But to have this like in the substitute part I created, I would have to go through a whole lot of tweaking in Engraving mode; maybe this can easily be implemented in a next version?

The only thing we are missing here, is an extra option “Show layout names instead of instrument names”

… unless of course, there is another solution which I overlooked?

If you use a part Layout instead of a score layout, you’ll see that the Layout name is included in the templates. So the name ypu want to see up there will be there (unless, of course, you’ve edited that out of the parts templates).
Hope it helps!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say… I’m prudently guessing you’re missing my point, but I could be wrong. I created a Lay-out (Right panel in set-up) including the Alto Flute part as a player, but it is a transposition for substitute Oboe.

Can you make the Player name match the Layout name or do you need to use that for something else?

Or is the specified part an alternate transposition of the alto flute in case the alto flute is missing?

It would help to see a sample of the part itself to understand better what you have and what you want to change.

I see your reasoning for wanting to use the layout name in the staff label, rather than either the instrument name or player name. However, this isn’t currently possible.

You could consider for the time being positioning a text frame on your First page template such that it occupies the space a staff label would occupy, but don’t show staff labels; instead, increase the first system indent as required for the length of layout name.

I think the simplest and quickest workflow would be to create a new player for your Alto Flute and use your standard part layout.

It’s just a couple of clicks to copy across all the notes; and you can remove the alto flute from the full score layout if you don’t want to show it there and mute it’s playback too…

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Exactly what I’m trying to avoid, and what I hope what will be implemented via Layout Settings. Thank you Lillie.

This is indeed a “softer” workaround. Thank you Janus.

Your second line!