Add Chord Symbols to Piano Part from Saxophone ensemble music

Hi Dorico,

I wrote a saxophone ensemble piece and I generated the chord symbols by selecting all the sax parts. I will like those chord cymbals to be placed in a piano part so I can generate the rhythm with the chord cymbals (like a jazz band rhythm chart).

I need help doing this.



Sorry to disappoint you, but depending on the complexity of your music, this is highly unlikely to result in anything usable. For example, here are 4 relatively simple bars from a piece a wrote for 5 saxes. I selected the saxes, right-clicked, used Generate Chord Symbols from Selection with the default settings, and this is what I get as a result:

If I were to type the chords in myself in order to add a pianist, here’s what I would use:

Regardless of accuracy, if you were a pianist which would you rather read? Adding the chords yourself will almost certainly result in a more accurate and easily readable part.

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How did you get the first picture with the chords in the piano part? The chords for me are showing on the saxophone parts. I want those chords on a blank piano part like your first picture.

Chord symbols show up by default in rhythm instruments. Whether they show up on others you can determine by right-clicking the player boxes (not the instrument within the box) in Setup mode and setting your preferences from the context menu there.

Awesome thanks yes it wasn’t default for me! Works now.

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