Add "Do not load Media Bay elements for preview when clicked" in Media Bay Preferences [Feature Request/Behaviour correction]

Media Bay is quite useful, though I think is a bit clunky in many regards.

The most easily corrected one is that every time you click in an item, in order to give you a preview, it loads the element. Which is nice in audio files, but an authentic PAIN IN THE ASS when what you have clicked is a preset of an instrument track that needs to load a lot of information (an orchestral instrument).

A simple way to avoid this is just adding a preference: Do not load Media Bay elements when clicked. Or “disable Media Bay previews”. And then in the element, you can add a button to load it if you want to do so.

Because Media Bay is a cool feature, but this makes it very clunky, because everytime you click in an element, it loads it!!! Please, fix.

I’ve marked it like a feature request, but it’s actually like a bug. And I think this should be implemented in every Cubase that uses Media Bay, not just in 11.5… Also, I think adding this feature of any feature is extremely easy and it will improve a lot the functionality of Media Bay.

Media Bay could use a few enhancemens apart from this one, and it has a lot of potential (see the Browser in Studio One 5, which is like Media Bay, but …clever?).


This is torture especially with Kontakt libraries.
You can turn it off in the main Mediabay window but not on the right zone media bay. I was hoping to get it implemented in 11 but it did not. Why it is different than the main Media Bay I don’t know.

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