Add Dorico's keyboard input mode, Bravura font and other elements to Cubase's Score Editor

Cubase can learn from Dorico without becoming Dorico. It can borrow its keyboard input mode for example, and other new concepts that Dorico introduced.

Dorico’s font Bravura looks very nice and better than the current font. Even Lilypond can use it now, so it would also be sweet to see it in Cubase.

Yes. How cool it would be to have Smufl fonts supported by Cubase. Amid all the noise about integration (that might happen over the next 30 years, :wink: ) this is something that might be realistic feature-request-wise.

(The fact of Lilypond using it is a total non-sequitur. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: )

“If an unrelated project can use it, then so could Steinberg’s own Cubase”, or something like that. :slight_smile:

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I would love to see if we can get more support for this.

What is Dorico’s keyboard input mode?

It’s better explained than I could here:

Are you aware of the Computer Keyboard input functions in the Score Editor?

My request would be to have the same keymap and behaviour as Dorico, not just the note letter entry (though it’s nice that it’s an option). You could then switch between Cubase and Dorico without re-adjusting.

What specifically?

The part where it’s not just keyboard note entry? If I use the numbers 1-9 then I select tools in Cubase.

The whole spirit of the request is to polish the Score Editor up to be a nice companion to Dorico, without having to replace it. So that’s why an identical keymap/response is something I see as a good solution.

Specifically, all the part that aren’t just keyboard note entry. That was the answer.

What I have in mind is a Dorico input mode specifically for the Key Editor so they’re consistent.

EDIT: Your post disappeared. mod hax.

In the rest of the video Daniel is talking about how note entry works in Dorico, and that system is quite different than Cubase, it’s diatonic, without meter, just a completely different paradigm. So, you are in essence asking for Cubase to adopt that.

Also if you use the virtual keyboard in the transport, you get all the functions of Cubase step entry from the keyboard.

And, for editing, as he shows later in the video, switch to the midi (key) editor and turn on shuffle mode for that exact function.

edit: (I deleted to edit the post, no hack. You can do it too, as you know.)

Yeah, that is indeed the gist of my feature request. The keymap and also the behavior, which I think can be adapted on top of the current Score Editor? It could be too ambitious and then it could be better replaced with Dorico code, I don’t know.

I still call mod hax! (it was a joke)

Replaced with Dorico code. Ach du leiber sheiber. You make it sound so simple. I’ll make a phone call, should be done by tonight. (Note: I have no phone number to call)

You don’t want that, and would prefer those keystrokes change note durations?

I didn’t try to make it sound simple. What I meant is, instead of adding it on top of the current Score Editor, it would actually have to go the ARA/Rewire-y type of route, so it would be far off.

Just in the Score Editor, yes, I’d want the keymap to be as close to Dorico as possible.