Add effect to one drum in a whole set.

Is there a way to add an effect to one drum in a drum kit in Groove Agent 4.

Example: lets say I have a house kit, and I want the clap to have a long reverb. Can I somehow add that, so it will not affect the other drum sounds?

Use AUX within groove agent .

Can you explain a bit more how?

First, make sure you have the “Instrument” tab selected, not the “Pattern” tab.

  1. Hit the “Mixer” tab, then hit the “AUX” tab.
    (You will see 4 AUX Channels.)

  2. Load the Reverb effect into channel 1.

  3. Select the pad that contains the clap sound.

  4. Then hit the “Edit” tab and then the “Amp” tab.
    (You will see 4 AUX sends at the bottom.)

  5. Turn AUX send 1 up to send to the reverb.

Perfect. Thank you so much.

Great you found a solution for your doubts.

I would suggest a different approach. Have all of your drums routed to separate tracks and use the insert or send function in the cubase mixer. The reason for this is that each drum most of the time need separate eq, reverb and compression. The settings for the inserts and sends need to be adjusted to the rest of the mix, as you mix. Thus it is “better” to use the interface of the mixer instead of having to enter the additional mixer of the drum software. The FX available in the drum software is also more limited than those available as insert or send effects through the mixer of cubase.

For reverb I would recommend send and not insert, unless you are looking for some very special effects. The reason for send on reverb is to glue the whole mix together with the same “space” feeling.

Having each drum on separate tracks also give you the opportunity to have the kick send signals to the bass for ducking (side chain).

Thanks for your advise. I Would normally use “render in place” and put effects on the wave track after. But sometimes - if you need a simple effect - on a drum, this feature would be convenient.