add empty bars

Struggling with this most basic function. Having created the score for guitar part, then adding vocal part. So my score is a finite length, guitar part all written. Added vocal stave, and adding melody bar by bar BUT how the heck do I simply add an extra bar at the end of what I’ve created, without copying and pasting something already created (in the vocal part)? I’ve tried “Bars can be added at the end of a flow by positioning the caret after the last note/rest and pressing Space Bar.” - it doesn’t do anything except flash the view back to the top of the flow.

In other words I’m trying to extend the voice part to the length of the guitar part, but simply cannot find a way of doing it except by copying and pasting already created bars, then editing them. Cannot create empty bars. Must be a simpler way. SPACE BAR does not work. DORICO ELEMENTS.

Select a barline or the final note/rest, type Shift+B 32 Enter. 32 bars will be added.

The only caveat is that you must have a time signature. If you don’t have a time signature, Dorico can’t know how long to make the bars, so it can’t create bars.

Hmm, thanks for that BUT this adds bars to the entire system, not just the vocal part. I’ve tried highlighting just the last rest in the vocal part only, but it inserts bars across the entire system. So, given that the guitar part is complete and I don’t want to add any more bars (and SHIFT B method INSERTS bars into the system that is already complete) I still cannot simply add bars to make up the vocal part to the same length as the guitar. If this were more than 2 instruments this’d be a nightmare! There must be a simpler way? At the moment my workaround is to copy a few bars and paste at the last bar mark for the system I want extending. This really not very intuitive. Loving much of this program but this very simple task is baffling me. And a real slowdown for how I work…

A. Input notes in Galley View (where all staves show)
B. Set your Layout Options > Vertical Spacing in such a way that empty staves aren’t hidden.

Thanks Pianoleo, that’s better