Add empty space to start or end of an audio clip

I am using Cubase to prepare stems for backing tracks in an external backing track player we use for our covers band.
I have many instances where the starts or ends of the audio tracks dont line up and to be able to load them easily into the playback software, all the starts/ends of the stems (tracks) need to line up. IE all stems must be the same length.
I previously used Studio One and in that it was real easy. Double click in a blank area of the track and a new audio clip was created. It could then be resized by dragging, same as you would a MIDI clip. You then select all clips, merge them (join them up) with one keystroke (G) thane bounce them in place. It took seconds.
The only way I have found so far is to use the pencil tool, draw a new clip then do a Render which creates a whole new track which I dont want and have to move the clip from then delete the new track. Especially if I have to do this 10 or 12 times, once for each track. Bounce doesnt seem to ‘join up’ the original clip with the bit I added with the pencil.

Am I missing something.
BTW, am I able to post screenshots when I post a question? Would make it easier to explain stuff but cant see how.
Many thanks

You can drag or copy the file to the editor window. That’s it.
And this symbol is the upload button.


But maybe, you, as a relatively new user, are not allowed to add files at the moment.

Find more information in the guidelines.

In Cubase you would rather use the Locator markers for this. Set the Left Locator to the start position and the Right Locator to the end position.
Then export any audio with menu File → Export → Audio Mixdown…
Depending on your version you have the option to select multiple tracks/channels to be rendered as individual files.

See the manual:

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Audio to part

You can do something similar in Cubase. Select all events of a track, then use Audio → Event to Parts, then resize to fill the borders.

But it’s just as @Johnny_Moneto says, you can very easily set the locators and export each track on its own if you want. It’s the same result but much faster.

H there
Thanks for the ideas guys. Both work fine. I tend to use @ggmanestraki 'Events to Parts method first off as I like to see all my stems lined up in the editor before exporting them. Just me being OCD I guess! :slight_smile:

But then I do use the @Johnny_Moneto method to export my stems, so thanks to you both.