Add Genres to ID3 Tag editor?

Exporting to MP3 invokes the ID3 Tag editor, which allow for inserting a “Genre” field into the MP3 file. However, there appears to be a pre-set list of possible genres, which includes such options as “Christian Gangsta” and “Booty Bass”, but not “Americana” or “Inspirational”, and the field can’t be overridden manually.

Seriously? Is there a way to edit this list?

Really? Nobody considers this important enough to respond to? It’d be great if someone would take must a moment to say:

“You’re a doofus Kyle, just do this… duh…”


“Yeah that bugs me too, I wish Steinberg would it”

Yea, seems kind of slow around here…
I was wondering about this too.
Outside of Nuendo, I mean in Windows, I think you can right click on any mp3 file and access the properties. Pretty sure you can change the tag info this way as well. Might be under properties, advanced.
I can do that here on XP, so give it a try.

There’s your answer. The list is developed from a 3rd party participant. Apparently this is a standard list that iTunes, Winamp etc all use…they are identical across all platforms I guess…(??)