"Add group channel to selected tracks" allows you to loop back to the original group

If I select an existing group and try to route it to another group via “Add group channel to selected tracks” option, apparently Cubase lets me choose to route back to the track in question…which results in the original group having no output selected. This is clearly something that has been overlooked, and would be great if fixed, especially since Cubase now remembers your previous routing and this can result in quite a headache when you’re trying to figure out why the main vocal suddenly is silent…


Do I understand your scenario right, please?

  1. Add a Group Channel (Group 1).
    -> The output is routed to the Stereo Out.
  2. Right-click to the track/channel in the Project window/MixConsole, and from the drop-down menu select “Add Group Channel to Selected Channels”
    => New Group channel has been created (Group 2).
    => Group 1 out is routed to Group 2.
    => Group 2 out is touted to Stereo Out.

This is how does it work on my side, and I find it correct. Is it different on your side, please?

Almost. But when I add group 1 there’s an option to route group 2 to…group 1. Which doesn’t make any sense as I’m essentially creating a feedback loop. Thankfully, this results in group 1 being sent to nothing and group 2 sent to group 1, so there is no actual audio feedback loop. But! The issue I had is that I routed an audio channel to group 1, which made Cubase remember the routing and suggest I route group 2 to group 1 when creating group 2. And I accidentally did that, since before, the default routing was stereo out and not whatever I did before. Sorry if this is confusing.

Now I got it, and I can reproduce it. It was already in Cubase 9.5 and probably since ever.

Reported to Steinberg.