Add hitpoints as a snap type

Snap types should include Hitpoints I realize today.

This would work great for drums, percussion, guitar and piano and any other instrument with fast attack and a decay and also loops of all sorts.

I have made a freehand recording of a guitar that lasted … very long.
Like over half an hour of me thinking out loud with my fingers haha.
Now I need to cut the dead meat off and only keep a few goodies.

I see the waveform and I see where the beats fall and I see the downbeats.
I sweep over the waveform with the cursor and if I hold down ALT I can cut the waveform depending on the snap types.
Fine and dandy1

What do I see more? I see the hitpoints at the right place on the waveform and I see the downbeats every 1/4 in my freehand sketch done without a metronome.
Some parts of the sketch are much louder than others and it’s very long so all kinds of stuff happen.
That means I can’t use any automated method to set a threshold and be done with it since several minutes of soft hitpoints would be drowned out by loud ones.
Now if I could have the hitpoints as a snap type I would have been done in no time with most of the sketch!!!

Disregard my guitar track and imagine other scenarios with hitpoints exactly where you want to cut but the cut tool won¨t snap to it …
Admit it’s missing? :open_mouth: :laughing:

Totally agree!

Hitpoints should be a SNAP option.
Also to have keyboard shorcuts to move selector to next/previous hitpoint and to extend selection to next/previous hitpoint would be a massive game changer!

This gets a +1 from me

Me too +1 !

Yes +1!


Yes +1 !!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: