Add "insert plugin" key command

Hey man, thanks for sharing this script! It works perfectly. I’m new to ahk, however I managed to modify your script to load specific plugins into each slot, eg; Pro-Q loads into slot 1, CLA-76 loads into slot 2 etc.

Is it possible to write a scipt to load specific plugins into the next available slot?

Does anyone have an alternative for Mac?

Hi All,
I dont know much about scripts at all but would like this function for adding inserts so how do i go about actually creating a script file for cubase 12 and then adding it to cubase?

Hi Dan and all,

I modified a script that now allows me to load up my favourite 16 plugins using streamdeck. It works perfectly in Cubase 10.

If the edit channel window in later versions of Cubase are the same size and layout as version 10, then it should work just fine.

Simply change the names of the plugins in the script to the plugins of your choice.

Good luck!

thanks, how do i set it up though?

Assuming you have a StreamDeck product, just put the ahk file on your desktop and double-click it to activate the script.

You’ll have to change the names of the plugins in the script to plugins on your system first, however.

Oh sorry I missed that. No I don’t have one but it’s on the list!

Ahh I see! No probs. I highly recommend getting one. They can really speed up your workflow

Hello, why there is only a Y coordinate in your script ?

this doesn’t seem to work with cubase 13 for some reason?

Hey Guys, Sam here from France. I saw your posts while looking for something else. I don’t have a solution for an insert shortcut but I have something pretty powerful in the same vein that could be useful to you if you have a streamdeck (it probably can be done by script but the preparation work would be heavier). It allows you to recall a track or group of tracks of any kind with all its plugins (instruments, inserts) with a single streamdeck button. Here’s how you do that: Cubase has the possibility to save an XML file of a group of tracks (or just one for that matter) called track archive. You just have to save your track archives as you want them (the interesting part being that you can save not only the tracks themselves but also their relationships such as routing, sends to each other, sidechain, complex parallel routing or layering…). Once it’s done, you just create a macro in Streamdeck to open the track archive file from Cubase. I have very complex Maschine routings so heavy to replicate that this workflow is just a blessing for me, with just one button, I have Maschine ready with several MIDI tracks in Cubase and setting depending on what I want to do.

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I know NOTHING about scripts, and I want this too :slight_smile:

Interesting workflow. What is the macro you have programmed in streamdeck?

Is using script this way exclusive to streamdeck, or are there other devices making this possible too?

You can use touch portal on your phone or a cheap tablet.

Thank you @deano10
I will look into this. Adding certain plugins with quick key commands would be a killer for me.


I need this.