Add Insert via hotkey

Is it possible in Nuendo to add a particular effect (third party also) in the Insert slot via a designated hotkey?
I tried to find a way to do it inside Nuendo, looked also into Logical Editor but couldn’t find any possibilities.

But with this feature it could be so awesome to quickly add your frequent plugins on a track!

The only solution I found atm it is using a third party macro program with actions like:

  • scan pixel color of the inser slots to find whether it is empty or not (not blue)
  • move mouse over a first empty slot
  • LMB click
  • type the effect name
  • press enter

It will work but it won’t have an immediate repsonse.

Steinberg, do you see how we are struggling here! :smiley:

I actually don’t know of any major DAW that does this…

I think in Reaper with scripts you probably can achieve that. Don’t know for sure though.

Don’t know how to do that with a hot key. FX chain presets might help for multiple effects.

Ofcourse I know about the chain presets I was writing about them in the beginning. But in comparison how they worked in previous versions, N4 for ex, there you could at least load them with two clicks. Now for some unexplained reason I have to make one additional step. Why complicate it?

Yes, like I said, I know no way of doing this with a hot key.

Another partial workaround might be to make your own plug-in collection using the plug-in manager. For example, copy the default and then drag drop from the left pane to the right pane to copy all those plug-ins you use a lot. You could place them outside of the folders and at the top of the list so you can get to them easily.

Drag and drop your favourite plugins from media bay by saving a default preset for each plugin that will than show up under your user content in media bay.

Great idea!