Add instrument: Sleigh bells

Noticed the instrument 'sleigh bells" is missing. Perhaps it could be add into the list at some point.
I own Dorico ELEMENTS however on the comparison list (pro vs elements) there is nothing written about any differentiation in the list of instruments able to be chosen.

I don’t believe there is any difference in available instruments.

Works for me in Pro. I just typed sleigh into the instrument chooser screen in Setup.
It plays back too.
(Notice Dorico labels the instrument as “Sleigh Bell,” singular.)


The ‘Sleigh Bells Combi Key’ instrument is part of HALion Symphonic Orchestra, so that is not included in Dorico Elements, but you should certainly be able to write music for sleigh bells in your project even without the dedicated HSO sounds.

Thanks for the replies.
I made an empty project and on new players there was an instrument category named “Unpitched percussion”. within that there was an option for sleigh bell.
I now realise the issue is choosing an existing player>change instrument. The “unpitched percussion” category is missing when changing instrument. This is why i thought there was no sleigh bell. Ive tried 3 different projects and the result is the same. The project I want sleigh bell already has 12 players (the max for elements) and notation layed out so i do not want to delete the track and make a new one to choose sleigh bell.

So the main issue here for your team is that ‘Existing player > Change instrument’ yields no option for ‘unpitched percussion’ category.

You can’t change a regular instrument (with five lines) to an unpitched percussion instrument (with one line), because there’s no way of displaying pitched music on an unpitched stave without deleting important information (pitch!). This is not a limitation of Elements; it’s exactly the same in Pro.

Given the logical reason behind this, I can’t see it changing any time soon, though I’m merely speculating.

That makes perfect sense. This has evidently displayed my newbiness surrounding notation. Thanks for that. Upon further thought, I realised I could make a new flow, copy paste the pitched staff music into that for keepsake.
Thanks :slight_smile: