Add Instrument Stopped Working

Hello all,

Just started in Cubase this week. I was making my first template last night using BBC Discover orchestra and made it through the wood winds and horns before calling it a night. I saved the template and closed out. I opened up a project with the template to continue building it today … but I can’t add any new instruments now …? If I start a new empty project I can add instruments, but it looks like if I want to add anything to a project using my unfinished template to resave the template, it won’t work. How do I open and edit a template?


Was the project activated? Look here

I only have the one project open. I’m working on a PC and I don’t see an activate project button in the upper left. Everything else still can be added (midi/etc). Its only “add instrument” that is grayed out and can’t be clicked. I was also building the template by “duplicating track” and now that isn’t an option when I right click on a track I’ve already created either.

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Cubase 12 Elements
Dell XPS 13" Laptop
16BG Ram
Windows 11
i51240P 12th Gen 12 Core

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When I create a new “empty” project, it will still let me add instrument tracks. It is only when I open a new project with the template that I can’t add any new instruments.

Thank you so much. I figured it out and I’m just an idiot. The instrument track count is at its max.
So I guess I can’t have a long and short track for each of the instruments unless I upgrade. I’ve used all 24 in Elements, so I guess I’ll have to scale back how much of the BBC Discover I can use.

Thanks for trying to help a new user :slight_smile:

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