Add Instrument to MIDI Track

I have just made a few rookie (two weeks) mistakes. First I was trying to use dissolve part on a MIDI track but was trying to do it to an audio(?) .wav track. When I realised my error I re-imported the MIDI files and each track was loaded into a separate track in my project. Now it won’t play and based on advice from an earlier post I believe it’s because I need to add an instrument to each MIDI track. However, I have no idea how to do this. I’ve experimented with no success and I have now attached a screen shot of where I am up to at the moment.

From the screen shot, it seems, that the midi track(s) are connected to the Halion Sonic SE. At least the “Bass” track. See the Inspector on the left, where it reads “01. Halion …”.

The text underneath “Any” is a bit questionable. In my (short) experience, it showed the midi channel. Something between 1 and 16. If the midi file had many tracks, they where incrementally assigned to each midi track.

If you push the small keyboard icon directly next to it, it will open Halion and show the instrument mapping per midi channel. Perhaps have a check there.

And last: Did you check the mixer volume to not being muted or set to zero for the Halion SE?

-Activate the little speaker icon on the tracks
-make sure „MIDI thru“ is active in preferences.
-make sure, no „MIDI through“ filters are active in preferences.


Could you provide a screenshot from the HALion Sonic SE plug-in?

As it has been said, the MIDI Tracks are routed to the HALion Sonic SE. In general, Cubase routes the newly created MIDI tracks (from the Dissolve Part function) to the very same MIDI Port, as the source track was.

So it’s obvious, your source track was routed to the HALion Sonic SE. I wonder that I cannot see the source MIDI track in your project.

The MIDI Channel Any is also weird. The newly created MIDI Track should get the Channel of the MIDI data channel in the track.

Hi Martin, I’m still struggling. I’ve attached a screen shot as you asked.

Oops! Screen shot attached this time. I hope.


As far as I can see, there are no sounds loaded in HALion Sonic SE, therefore no sound.